The Power Of Your Voice

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Do your homework. Find your voice. Be authentic. And then dive in with purpose.

Julie Foudy

In this section, I highlighted a great “poet”, lecturer, teacher and great woman of wisdom, Maya Angelo.  For those who do not know, Maya did not speak for over 5 years because after she was raped and revealed her rapist, he ended up dead.  As a small child, she thought her speaking up caused that man’s death, so she refused to speak. 

However, while silent she fell in love with reading and poems.  One of her teachers, Mrs. Flowers, encouraged her to use her voice.  After weeks of working with Maya, the teacher was able to convince little Maya to speak again.  Her story is phenomenal because “what a voice” for woman everywhere.  Never let anyone take your “voice”.

What is your story? Where is your voice?  Are you allowing others to shut down your voice?  Speak Up, we want to hear your VOICE as you fulfill your purpose to help others.

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